Do you feel connected to Earth?


In our busy lives we can sometimes almost forget we are part of nature and the globe we live on. For example, humans and trees share each other’s breath; what one breathes out, the other breathes in and vice versa. Nothing on this planet is completely independent. 

When you feel the connection with nature again, it can feel like coming home. As if you can recharge yourself, in a society that is becoming increasingly urban and digital.


Jeanne Simmons Extentions


How can you feel more connected to nature and Earth in today’s world? That is the question we ask ourselves, out of curiosity and the hope that this nature-connectedness will benefit future life on earth. That's why we have developed Earthfulness.

Earthfulness helps you to feel more deeply connected with nature in your daily life, for example by doing simple and short practices.

Are you in?

Do you have an experience where you felt calm, pure, recharged or comforted thanks to nature in your everyday life? Let us know! We like to be inspired.

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