In practice

In spring 2022 we tested the first version of a challenge:

Earthfulness in 21 days.

Participants were invited to practice Earthfulness for five to thirty minutes each day. The program consists of a series of accessible practices, which are based on scientific insights on how connection between humans and nature can be established and strengthened.

The effects of the challenge have been measured: which practices work well and which seem less effective? Does such a challenge in 21 days have an effect at all? In other words, we are working to increase our understanding and improve ways to reinforce our bond with nature in daily life.

The practices focus on different aspects. For example, some practices are more focused on our senses: research has shown that it is important to stimulate different senses, such as feelings, taste and smell. Think, for example, of walking barefoot on the grass, or listening carefully to certain sounds.

The results are published in this article:

Walk of Grief

In the meantime, we explore the relationship between grief and nature connection. A greater sense of connection with nature can help cope with loss and setbacks (read more). We delve into this topic through the Walk of Grief project. We are developing a five-day pilgrimage in nature, with a focus on mourning. We surprised artists and local residents. The grief path starts in 2025. We are also exploring potential scientific research around the initiative. More information can be obtained via:

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