About us

With Earthfulness we develop practices and ways to feel more connection with nature in everyday life. We do this on a scientific basis.

We started the concept from different backgrounds. One of us is a scientist, another is a doctor, an entrepreneur, a conservationist, and so on. What we share is a pattern of having full agendas and eagerness to increase our feeling of connection with nature. We are really curious about the best methods to increase this feeling, inspired by practice and substantiated by proper science. We see this as a joint process.

By developing a challenge, Earthfulness in 21 days, we created an initial interpretation to this ambition. Starting with colleagues from the Radboud University and with the help of the Inno Fund of the World Wildlife Fund, we are building a growing network and new insights.

By working on the Walk of Grief, a five days pelgrimage in nature, we explore the relation between grief and nature-connectedness (www.walkofgrief.nl).

In addition, a foundation has been established to introduce and operationalize Earthfulness on a non-profit basis.

Currently, the following people are involved in developing Earthfulness:

Arjan Berkhuysen, co-initiator and general project leader
Riyan van den Born, co-initiator and scientific project leader
Maryse Carbo, researcher
Anemoon Elzinga, co-inventor of the concept and member of the advisory group
Berber Gieles, practices guide
Marieke van der Giessen, Board of Trustees Earthfulness Foundation
Monique Grooten, Board of Trustees Earthfulness Foundation
Tim van Hattum, Board of Trustees Earthfulness Foundation
Bernadette van heel, researcher and member of the advisory group
Femke Hoogland, designer and member of the advisory group
Hans Peter Jung, physician and member of the advisory group
Merel van der Lande, story writer
Sarah Nielsen, Health and Outdoor Educator (USA)
Thomas van Slobbe, ecologist
Marian van Voorn, production Challenge
Wini Weidenaar, production Challenge

Our ambassadors:

Li An Phoa, founder of Drinkable Rivers and Nature College

Matthijs Schouten, professor of ecology and nature conservation at the University of Wageningen, professor of landscape and nature conservation at University College Cork (Ireland) and senior strategist at the National Forest Service of the Netherlands

Nynke Laverman, singer, songwriter, spoken-word artist and explorer

More information about the foundation can be found in the following links.

The policyplan: Beleidsplan Earthfulness januari 2023

The annual report 2022: Jaarverslag 2022 Stichting Earthfulness

Form for the ANBI status: standaardform-pubplicht-anbi-algemeen 2023

An overview of foundation specifics: information.


"Feeling connected to nature gives me a reassuring feeling that I am part of a greater whole. As a result I can put things better into perspective and experience less stress and unnecessary worrying."

Arjan Berkhuysen, co-initiator of Earthfulness